This fan poster is for George Miller’s 2015 summer blockbuster Mad Max Fury Road. 

The idea behind the poster is to use minimalist elements to create a visceral image, something that reflects the brutal nature of the film. The apocalypse portrayed in George Miller's work is savage and unforgiving, yet simple in the fact that it forces humanity to revert to the simplest forms of existence, and in this case, it is survival. 

Some screen grabs from the film for inspiration. 

My choice for the imagery of the poster was to use the image of one of the main characters, in this case Imperator Furiousa kneeling in the desert, screaming into the emptiness. This singular image represents a pivotal turning point in the film, and is a perfect representation of the everything yet nothing minimalist approach of the artwork. 
For the style of the poster,  I looked to minimalistic posters from the 60s, strict swisstype posters where the imagery occupies about 50 to 65% of the page, with the rest stowed away from text, information, etc. One of the ideas was to use the edges as a container for the casting and text. This was explored, but ultimately, discarded. 

Despite being a film about the end of the world, Fury Road is a bright, vibrant and colorful film; a stark contrast to the violence and dark themes seen onscreen. It is only fair to use a color palette that reflects this and brings people back to the first they sat in the movie theatre to the low rumble of Tom Hardy introducing himself as the eponymous antihero. 
The pink variant is in celebration of Breast Cancer awareness. The film is also heavy on feminist themes throughout, something that director George Miller has not confirmed or denied since the films release in May. 

Finished version. 
Breast Cancer Awareness Variant. 
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